Thymic Carcinoma and Thymoma Cancer Surgery


Thymoma is a tumor originating from the thymus gland. It is an uncommon tumor, best known for its association with Myasthenia Gravis. Our team has India's largest experience in removal of Thymomas by Robotic Surgery, VATS or Open surgery (depending upon the tumor size and invasion of sur rounding organs).

Thymoma is a disease in which cancerous cells are found in the tissues of the thymus. The thymus is a small gland that lies under the breastbone and is part of the lymph system. It produces white blood cells called lymphocytes, which travel through the body and fight infection.

Thymomas and thymic carcinomas are rare tumors of the outside surface of the thymus. Thymoma is a relatively slow-growing cancer and usually does not spread beyond the thymus. However, thymic carcinoma grows faster and typically spreads to other parts of the body. Because of this, thymic carcinoma is often more difficult to treat effectively.

Complete Surgical Removal of Thymoma
Country's Largest Experience

Dr. Arvind Kumar, having performed over 200 Thymectomy by Robotic method, has the country's largest experience in performing Robotic Thymectomy.

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People at Increased Risk of Thymoma

Patients who have myasthenia gravis are at increased risk of getting thymoma.



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Symptoms of Thymus Cancer


Diagnosis of Thymus Cancer


Treatment options for Thymoma


The following symptoms may be caused by thymoma, thymic carcinoma, or other conditions. A cough that doesn't go away


The following tests and procedures may be used: Physical exam and history, Chest x-ray, CT scan (CAT scan) etc.


By far the most effective treatment for Thymoma is complete surgical removal of the tumour along with the thymus gland

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