Hernia/ Eventeration of Diaphragm


Diaphragmatic hernia is a defect or hole in the diaphragm that allows the abdominal contents to move into the chest cavity. It may be present since birth or may develop later, usually following injury. Eventration is an extreme weakness of the diaphragm (present since birth) wherein the usually muscular diaphragm becomes papery thin and is unable to hold the abdominal organs in place. The defect allows part of the organs from the belly (stomach, spleen and intestines) to go up into the chest cavity and press on the lungs and the heart, causing breathlessness and pain. Sometimes, the intestines may undergo torsion and become gangrene (dead) in the chest, a situation which may even be fatal.


The diagnosis is confirmed by X-ray and CT Scan of the chest


The treatment consists of pulling down of the abdominal organs back into the abdomen, closing the defect in the diaphragm and putting a patch of imported "mesh" on the defect to prevent recurrence. This procedure has been done routinely by us for over 2 decade, initially by Open method and recently by minimally invasive (Key-hole ) or Robotic method.

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