Surgery for Empyema (pus around the lung)

Empyema means the presence of pus in the pleural space between the outer surface of the lung and the chest wall.

Empyema can occur as a complication of tuberculosis, pneumonia, trauma, repeated aspiration of pleural fluids and also following various chest operations.

However, in advanced cases which have been on medicines for several months with a thick hard layer around the lung, open surgery is mandatory to be able to remove the disease completely as incomplete removal of the pus and the peel, often leads to recurrence of the disease process later.

Symptoms of Empyema

Symptoms of Empyema may vary from asymptomatic disease picked up on a CT Scan to cough, fever, chest pain, and breathlessness. It affects patients of all ages-from youngest to oldest. Early surgical removal of pus leads to quick recovery whereas delay in treatment can even be fatal.

Diagnosis of Empyema

The diagnosis is confirmed by CT Scan and aspiration of pus from the chest cavity.