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Lung Cancer Survivor: Story of Success and Hope


Lung Cancer Survivor: Story of Courage and Hope




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Neena Andrew

Heads of Thoracic Surgery Dept.
Endocrinology Dept.
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi.

Referred by Dr Veena Chaudhary, elder sister of my colleague, Miss Gita Chowdhary, Vice Principal, I.D Tytler School, I was admitted to SGHR on 21.05.2019 with severe Hyperthyroid Complications.
Under the Expert treatment of Prof. Dr. Arvind Kumar and Dr Surinder Kumar, medication and management of my ailment began.
After discharge on 28.05.2019 and repeated reviews and thorough investigations, Dr surinder kumar gave the go-ahead signal for surgery.
I was admitted again on 04th July 2019 in preparation for the surgery which was done on 06th July 2019. The whole thyroid gland, an extremely large one, was removed and I was on the road to recovery evben before I realized it! I am Thankful to God that I was referred to SGRH and Dr Arvind Kumar.
I write this to express my hearfelt gratitude to Prof. Dr. Arvind Kumar and his entire team for being so humane, supportive and compassionate in approach. Always smiling, kind and caring, each member of Dr. Arvind's Team inspired me to recover, Not once did anyone discourage or demoralize me. Dr Arvind explained the surgical procedure without making me panic. What impressed me the most was that Dr Arvind 'confessed" that God had guided his hands during the procedure. He did not boast of his own expertise! A Great Gesture! Hallmark of a Brilliant Doctor!
In their own humble, cheerful way, Dr Surinder Kumar and Dr. Vinod monitored my status, always encouraging me to persevere.
I must add here that the Dieticians, Nurse and Support Staff have been extremely good caregivers. Ready help also come from the billing Dept. and Reception.
I was discharged on 13th July 2019.
Thank you Prof. Dr. Arvind Kumar and his wonderful and vibrant Team for your Excellent Professional yet personalized care!
Thank You Dr. Surinder Kumar, Dr Vinod for your humane and down to earth approach!
My sisters, brother and I shall ever remain grateful for this New Lease of Life that you all have given me by the grace of God!
Yours Sincerely
Neena Andrew

Mrs. Shakuntala Mahawal

We couldn't have asked for more. The entire team from interaction with Garima, Neha and Manisha at the OPD to us meeting Dr. Arvind Kumar, who is par excellence and God send angle for my mother. Ever grateful to him from our hearts. Later meeting Charu, who hand holed us all through, was amazing. We can't forget to thank Deepika for her advice on diet and exercise and her personal touch made us feel at home.

My apologies if I have missed out anyone. They were all simply wonderful. May God bless each one of you for the noble services that you are rendering?

Mr. Ram Avtar Sharma

Mrs. Nazia Fatima

Dr. Arvind Kumar & staff is very confident and pries worthy. Overall experience of the hospital was very good and highly appreciable.
It was a dream come true as unexpected Robotic surgery was successfully achieved under the guidance of Sir Arvind Kumar.
I sincerely appreciate the efforts taken by the team for successful complete of such large size of tumor.
Thank you very much.

Mr. Mangat Rai Gupta

I Mangat Rai Gupta from Punjab come with the problem of pneumothorax in serious condition. Doctor suggested surgery for the problem. Now I am totally satisfied with the treatment and felling very well. Doctor suggested some instructions for my well-being. Surely I will follow up with that. I am happy with the treatment. Doctors are very nice nature. All the staff was very nice.

Thank you

Mrs. Priyanka Yadav

Mr. Hitesh Agrawal

Mr. Abdul Samad

I am happy for treatmant in sir ganga ram hospital, from doctors, sisters, and team which they are warking in this hospital. At the ends thanks for everything.

Thanks regards.

Mr. Dibyendu Chakraborty

I find the system very organized & very caring in al respect from the moment. I send the email to prof. kumar till the time of discharge & further follow up.
I could know all the information both professional & financial experiences in details without any ambiguity. I will be continually trying to propagate my feelings & realizations & surgery under prof. Kumar in my our limited capacity of being a pediatrician from Bengal towards further spreading my realization to my catering patient & their guardians.
I am thoroughly impressed.
Thank you so much

Mr. Davinder Kaur

First of all thank you Dr. Arvind Kumar ji for your kindness. Throughout you were very kind to me but I don't know what happened in the operation theater. I will definitely recommend Dr. Arvind to our family members and friends. The staff and nurses were very nice. Food was very nice, but one more thing I want to add, I got serious pain while inserting the middle.
Thank you so much,
Warm Regards

Mr. Vivek Sood

I thank sir ganga ram staff including each & everybody from ward boy and to the doctors for their caring & all.
I am absolutely impressed & I will recommended to my friends. This hospital's atmosphere and professionalism has been a nice every time from the precious experiences. They look forward to maintain the high standard even after I am here, I am out of here, so that I gain maximum keep up to standard which I have been maintain here.
Thank you

Mrs. Abha Jain

Dr. Arvind is the best surgeon in India .we met an accident in which my daughter's lung was collapsed,after ten days of an accident we approach Dr. Arvind n he immediately done rhe successful surgey of my daughter,can ca forgot that moment when he was in front of us like a God.He is genius in his field ,we want to thak him from the bottom of my heart that he saved my daughter's lung n give her a happy n healthy life. Thank u so much Dr. Arvind.

Mrs. Atika Jain

Dr. Arvind Kumar is the best doctor i have ever met, his positive approach and confidence helps patient to recover faster. My left lung was collapsed in an accident, but it got operated by him and now i am recovering well. A big thank you to Dr. Arvind and his team for saving my lung. He is like an angel for me.

Mrs. Dahleia Chakravorty

He is one of the best surgeons. He gave me confidence to recover from depression after a massive surgery.

Mr. Mohammad Tayeb

Lung Cancer Specialists Team under the guidance of Dr. (Prof.) Arvind Kumar at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi (India) aim to provide innovative lung cancer treatments with latest technologies-all under one roof.

Mr. Surender Verma

Defination of Doctor is Arvind Kumar.

Mrs. Bhardwaj Rima Sharma

"Best doctor of our country. When I was extremely disappointed from all the renowned doctors he is the one who did my critical surgery and my voice came back. I am really grateful to him for my whole life. I really salute his dedication for his patients.
God on the earth in the form of doctor.
Thank you so much Dr. Arvind Kumar."

Mrs. Nisha Sharma

Dr. Arvind Kumar is the best Thoracic Surgeon of India. He provides the best medical care to the patients with his excellence.He and his team are doing an extraordinary work for the welfare of the patients.

Mrs. Kankana Barua

Dr Arvind Kumar.... our Demi God /our saviour .... someone whom we consider to be one of the most important person that God has sent to us to meet in our life time. I went to him when i was diognised with a tumour in my chest known as Thymoma... never ever heard about this before.... not knowing where my life would end. we went to him from bangalore and even the most complicated thing as this was handled with so much love/affection /sincerity and knowledge. Words are not enough to write about him. His dedication to all his patients/the time he spends on the well being of each of his patient is not even funny. We really found it hard to figure out , on how he manages his time for all this in addition to replying to every query sent to him on Whatspp by his patients and students.. He gave me courage/confidence to come out of this massive surgery . He made me climb stairs the third day for fast recovery and in 10 days after my surgery i was sent back to bangalore. His eye for detail still intrigues me when once in the ICU i saw him picking up a spelling mistake of a medicine 's name in a 7 page massive spread sheet which had my details. Honestly he is an Angel sent by God to serve human . . when you are blessed to have a doctor like him half of your trauma is taken care off.. I pray more and more people ( who needs him )reach out to him for any kind of assistance in his field of expertise.

Mr. Rohit Japtiwale

Dr arvind Kumar has performed very complex thoracic surgery on me which was given up by other doctors in country. The surgery result was outstanding & recovered also in few days and back to normal working life. He has highest experience in country in robotic , thoracic , lung transplant surgeries and he has treated highest patients in rare tumor thymoma. He saved many lifes by handling complex surguries associted with breathing issues , windpipe as well as cases in road accidents. More on that he started lung care foundation to spread awarness on lung cancer , smoking. He is condcting seminars through lung care foundation. He is not only doctor but kind person who pledged to always serve patient to make his life better.... thanks dr avind... Rohit Japtiwale mumbai

Mrs. Rekha Devi

"My mother went there for checkup . Dr Arvind observed her. And said for sugery patient name - Rekha devi Date of surgery 16.09.16. Now she is fit and fine . We were very distressed. About my mother bt he like a God. Solved all problems. We are very happy now. She is leading a normal life now only"

Mr. Shahin Sultana

Greetings Dear Sir, Imteaj is alright now and doing exercises as well also gained some weight. All our relatives, friends and well wishers are amazed to see his present health condotion becouse till his young age he used to stay at hospital and now he is leeding completely normal life with every challenges.

Dr. P.D.Motiani

Dr arvind Kumar, I personally congratulate you for your commandable robotic surgury for thymoma. This is really a services to hmanity.

Mr. Kaushalendra Singh

Although good intentions and kind feelings are of greater consequences than awkwardness of its expression. I cannot resist the temptation of wishing A Happy Navratra!

Mr. N.A.Nayar

Anmol Nazir remained admitted in the hospital from 9th September to 17th September 2015 and during the period it was observed that the patient care stands at priority and for this the doctors and para-medical staff provide dedicated and committed to their profession.

Mr. Nishant Dutta

According to patient concern, all the facilities and services provided by the hospital are good, especially the sister, ward boy and all the deserved individuals.

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