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Key Hole Surgery for Pleural Effusion by Dr Arvind Kumar at Medanta , Gurgaon

Patients experience | Huge Chest Wall Tumour Surgery

Redo Lung Surgery for Hydatid Cyst

वैट्स (VATS) द्वारा फेफड़े के बुल्ला (Bulla)का सफल उपचार

Successful Removal of Invasive Thymoma by Robotic Surgery

Successful removal of Thymoma tumour with Robotic Surgery | Dr Arvind Kumar

Giant Bulla surgical resection by VATS (Key-Hole) Surgery | Dr. Arvind Kumar

Mr. Manish Kochar

Mr. Vishwajeet

Mr. Tejveer

Mr. Praveen Kumar

Mr. Mudit Pandey

Mrs. Ratnali

Saif Bin Ali

Mr. Sandeep Kumar

Thymoma Surgery Patient

Mr. P.C. Aggarwal

Lung Cancer Survivor: Story of Courage and Hope

Lung Cancer Survivor: Story of Success and Hope

Lung Cancer Survivors : Story of Success and Hope

  • Neena Andrew

    Sir, Referred by Dr Veena Chaudhary, elder sister of my colleague, Miss Gita Chowdhary, Vice Principal, I.D Tytler School, I was admitted to SGHR on 21.05.2019 with severe Hyperthyroid Complications. Under the Expert treatment of Prof. Dr. Arvind Kumar an

  • Mrs. Nazia Fatima

    Dr. Arvind Kumar & staff is very confident and pries worthy. Overall experience of the hospital was very good and highly appreciable. It was a dream come true as unexpected Robotic surgery was successfully achieved under the guidance of Sir Arvind Kum

  • Mr. Mangat Rai Gupta

    I Mangat Rai Gupta from Punjab come with the problem of pneumothorax in serious condition. Doctor suggested surgery for the problem. Now I am totally satisfied with the treatment and felling very well. Doctor suggested some instructions for my

  • Mrs. Shakuntala Mahawal

    We could not have asked for more. The entire team from interaction with Garima, Neha and Manisha at the OPD to us meeting Dr. Arvind Kumar, who is par excellence and God send angle for my mother. Ever grateful to him from our hearts. Later meeting Charu,