• Divya Dureja

    Thankful for the doctors, paramedical staff, nurses, and other hospitality staff for ensuring I not only had an excellent surgery but also a well-rounded post-op recovery at Medanta Gurgaon. The VATS surgery is cost-effective and Dr. Arvind Kumar meticulously goes about his method without making any compromises. The team tried their best to provide pain management and also helped with strength-building. I’d like to mention a few names: thank you to Dr. Sarav, Dr. Mann, Dr. Vivek; Dr Sukhiram and Dr Mohan for their support and guidance during daily patient rounds, Physiotherapist & Nurses: Deepika, Prerna, Priyanka; Dietician Abira, TL nurse and duty nurses: Sister Anu, Kiran, Pooja, Arshdeep, Harmandeep, Jyoti, Bharti, Saumya and others whose name I may be forgetting!; ANM Pooja, GDA Pooja and others; all the pantry staff and especially Pancham bhaiya; all the housekeeping staff who ensured my environment stayed incredibly clean and non-infectious. I especially liked my invigorating walks in the Ayurvedic herb garden on the 5th floor!

  • Kanta Devi

    Im Rahul kumar from Bihar I had persistent hemoptysis and recurrent tuber culosis from last 4 years because of that destroyed my left lung and I have approached mostly every doctor and everyone said that your entire left lung should be remove but Dr Arvind Kumar and his team told that it is possible to remove only upper lobe and connect the bronchial tube with lower lobe this surgery is type of rare surgery but we can do that and they have done successfully. And the recovery process after the surgery is very fast and Im specially thankful to the great service given by Dr harsh puri, Dr mohan, Dr deepika, Dr sukhram with all supportive staff and nurses. This is the world best thoracic surgeon team. Most recommended in Delhi (NCR). Thank you everyone

  • Mehul Mathur

    My father was suffering from very severe post-covid complications. Dr. Arvind and his team were diligent, driven and very thorough with steps to be taken.
    He (my father) spent nearly 3.5 months at Medanta, and was in very critical condition. Dr. Arvind along with his team, Dr. Harsh. Dr Bilal, Dr Mohan, Dr. Sukhram, Dr. Vivek, Dr Sarav, Dr. Manan and Dr Deepika, supported by fantastic and knowledgeable clinical coordinators, Neha Tiwari, Priyanka Rajput and Prerna Bhardwaj, superb nursing staff, Ramiti Sharma, Jamila , Saumya Rao, Priyanka Joshi and Hema, have done an absolutely splendid job with fathers recovery.
    All above mentioned doctors, clinical coordinators and nurses have ensured that my father was able to win his long battle with this devastating virus, and have had a huge role to play in giving him a second chance at a very fruitful, normal and long life.
    My family and I are truly grateful, and want to wish the above mentioned staff at Medanta Hospital, all the success.
    Medanta Hospital has lived up to its motto, and is Truly, DEDICATED TO LIFE.

  • Sumit Nagpal

    I had myasthenia gravis and after meeting a lot of Doctors we came to a conclusion that Dr prof Arvind at Medanta is THE BEST Surgeon for thymectomy.Indeed he came like a God, a blessing for me God bless him my surgery was a planned surgery i was briefed by his very very nice team of Doctors regarding financial, pre and post op precautions medcines my Diet which plays a very important part then post operation exercises which doctor Deepika explained meticulously thank you doctor. As far as the operation goes i opted for Robotic surgery which is truly the best i could ask for Believe me guys if you are a patient don’t wait and prolong suffering just go to Dr Arvind fix up an appointment and be rest assured you are in safe hands get operated and live a new and healthy life. My experience was amazing simply amazing God bless all the team members of Dr Prof Arvind.My thanks to Dr Bilal Dr Mohan Dr Manan Dr Deepika all hospital staff and sorry if I forgot to name anyone else you guys were always smiling whenever we met and even when i think or tell my e

  • Umesh Kumar

    Most recommended thoracic surgeon in delhi (NCR) . He is very caring and supportive. Thank you his team .Cost effective surgery

  • Gayatri Singh

    Our father was suffering from boerhaave’s syndrome where his esophagus ruptured while vomiting and the perforation led to the abdominal fluid filling his pleural cavity. Dr Arvind and his team meticulously carried out the VATS surgery on him, which saved his life and put him on a path to a full recovery, especially given his age of 79. We understand that this type of surgery significantly reduces the risk of mortality and the expertise is India is still limited, with Dr Arvind and his team being the few that carry this procedure out in the country. Dr Arvind not only brings his high level of expertise but also has a way of explaining things to families and giving them confidence needed in traumatic situations such as ours. We are not only grateful for Dr Arvind’s high standard of care and personal attention he gave to our father, but also extremely grateful to the extraordinary team of doctors and other medical professionals that Dr Arvind has on his team. Our father spent 2 months in Medanta due to the post op complications from the pneumonia and buildup of fluid in his non-operated lung. His condition was very worrisome at some points in time. Dr. Arvind along with his team, Dr Bilal, Dr. Harsh, Dr Mohan, Dr. Manan, Dr. Sukhram, and Dr Deepika, supported by truly incredible clinical coordinators, Prerna Bhardwaj, Neha Tiwari and Priyanka Rajput. We were repeatedly struck by how communicative and helpful the coordinators were--- starting from the very first time we met them as the surgery was going on. We are also grateful to the efficient nursing coordinator Ancy, and superb expert nursing staff, Parvesh, Mamta, Arshdeep, Kiran, Neha, Dharmedra, Kavita, Sarita, Roji, have done an absolutely impressive job in tirelessly supporting our father’s recovery. We are also grateful to the Dieticians, Sristi, Abira and Divya for all their efforts with the nutrition which was a critical part of our father’s recovery. A thanks also to attendants like Raghu who were always helpful, and many other cleaning staff who were an integral part of the system. Kudos to Umesh for managing the cleanliness of the ward extremely well—even though the two months were grueling for the family, each time we walked in the ward were struck by how well it was maintained, and we do believe this contributes to the recovery of patients and makes the hospital stay more bearable. We understand that Dr Arvind pays special attention to how the ward is maintained—and it clearly shows. My family and I feel fortunate that our paths have crossed with Dr Arvind. We understand that this is a new department at Medanta and hope that the administration knows what an incredible asset this Dr Arvind, and his team are to the hospital. Gayatri and Kaadambari

  • Swati Gupta

    I am Swati gupta from kanpur. I came to medanta with my father in law with his prolonged illness. A surgery was performed under the guidance of dr Arvind Kumar. It took him around 10 days to be better. These 10 days were very difficult for us, bt with the so supporting team of dr arvind things became very easy.
    I m grateful to all the doctors n nurses who helped us overcome the failing health of my father-in-law. Dr Sukhram n Dr Mohan were always polite n ready to hear n understand all our concerns. Dr Prerna, Dr Ankita, Dr Deepika ( physiotherapist) had been a great support with the exercise, diet n other issues.
    Dr Yash although nothing to do with the treatment was there to help me with all the billing queries n sort them out with proper explanation.
    All the nursing staff has been really humble n polite. Name sister nancy, Savita, Saroj, Annu, akasha, Hema n all the other.
    Even the housing staff had been very good at their jobs always ready to attend us.
    Thank you medanta for all the support.