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Lung Cancer Program
» Lung Cancer Surgery

Lung Cancer Treatment in IndiaLung cancer is the no. 1 cancer in males in India. We have vast experience in treating these cases particularly by Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS or Key-hole)
Lung Cancer Treatment in Delhi

Robotic Thymectomy
» Myasthenia Gravis and Thymoma

 Robotic Thymectomy for Myasthenia Gravis TreatmentWe have India's largest experience in surgical removal of thymus gland (Thymectomy) using the state-of-art da Vinci Surgical Robot. This procedure requires only a few small incisions, which....
Thymoma Treatment in Delhi

» Tumor of Thymus Gland

Thymoma Treatment in IndiaThymoma is a tumor originating from the thymus gland. It is an uncommon tumor, best known for its association with Myasthenia Gravis. Our team has India's largest experience in removal of
Thymoma Treatment in India

Pneumothorax (air around the lungs)Pneumothorax is a common chest emergency, which occurs due to the presence of air between the lung and the chest wall. It happens when the chest wall or...
Pneumothorax (air around the lungs)

Myasthenia Gravis
» Thymectomy

 Myasthenia Gravis  Treatment in India Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disorder, in which antibodies circulating in the blood cause weakness by blocking acetylcholine receptors at the neuromuscular junction, inhibiting the stimulative effect of the neurotransmitter

Esophageal (food pipe) surgery
» Surgical Treatments

Ours is one of the very few centers in the India with a dedicated approach to diagnosing and treating disorders of the esophagus. With over ...

It affects patients across all ages-from youngest to oldest. Early surgical removal of pus leads to quick recovery whereas delay in treatment can even be fatal.

Aspergilloma (Fungus Ball in Lung)
» VATS / Robotic Surgery

Fungal Ball in the lung occurs often after Tuberculous infection of the lung. It causes blood in the sputum,(haemoptysis) sometimes massive in amounts. Deaths due to massive bleeding have also been reported. We have a large experience in ....

Palmar Hyperhidrosis
» VATS - Cervical Sympathectomy

Palmar hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes excessive sweating of the hands. This is a physiologic condition caused by an overactive sympathetic nervous...

» Infection in Lung

Bronchiectasis is caused by an infection or other condition that injures the walls of the airways or prevents the airways from clearing mucus. People with bronchiectasis...

Lung Nodules (Spots in Lung)
» Surgical Removal By VATS

A lung nodule is defined as a "spot" on the lung that is 3 cm (about 1 ½ inches) in diameter or less. Symptoms of Lung nodules include cough or coughing up blood. ...

Lung Cysts
» Complete Surgical Removal

Various types of cysts (hydatid cysts) in the lung can cause cough, chest pain and hemoptysis (coughing up blood). Cure can be achieved only by complete surgical removal ...

Pleural Effusion is accumulation of fluid between the lung and the chest wall. It causes shortness of breath, it can be due to variety of causes like Tuberculosis,...

Posterior mediastinal tumour
» Surgical Removal

It can occur at all ages and are often picked up on routine investigations. Once diagnosed, they must be removed as early as possible, as they continue to grow. ..

Chest Wall Tumours
» Complete Surgical Removal

Chest Wall tumors usually cause no symptom and present as a lump growing in the chest wall. Occasionally it may cause local pain or even fractures of the ribs....

Hernia/ Eventeration of Diaphragm
» Keyhole / Robotic Surgery

The diaphragm is the major muscle of respiration and separates the thoracic and abdominal cavities. A diaphragmatic hernia occurs...

Chest Trauma
» Complex Chest Surgery

Chest trauma accounts for 25% of all deaths from traumatic injury. Typically chest injuries are caused by blunt mechanisms such as...

Tracheal stenosis is a narrowing or constriction of the trachea. Most cases of tracheal stenosis develop when a person's trachea is...

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