Lung Transplant Nepal : Its Type, Cost And Success Rate

Lung Transplant Nepal : Its Type, Cost And Success Rate

Fri, 15 Dec 2023

A lung transplant is a surgery which is performed to remove and replace a diseased or damaged lung with a healthy one from a donor. A donor can be a person who has died, or in a few cases, a lung section can be taken from a living donor too. Many people are suffering from lung disease in Nepal and plan to havelung transplant in Nepal, but Delhi has some of the best doctors, like Dr Arvind, who has pioneered the development of chest and robotic chest surgery in India. However, people living in Nepal must choose India to have lung transplant surgery in the best hospital and from the best doctor.

When is a lung transplant needed?

A lung transplant is a surgical process used to replace damaged lungs with healthy ones. People who have tried medications and other treatments but whose condition is not yet improved must visit India to have a transplant from the best doctor in Delhi. People seeking for best lung transplant doctor in Nepal must visit India and book an appointment with Dr Arvind, who has bagged many awards and certifications. Doctors recommend a lung transplant if a person has unhealthy or damaged lungs that make it difficult for their body to get the oxygen required. Many conditions can cause lung damage. Some common conditions and causes are:

  • COPD, i.e. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, including emphysema
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Scarring of the lungs
  • High blood pressure in the lungs

People with any of the above-listed conditions opt for a transplant in Nepal, but they must visit India as the lung transplant is NOT done in Nepal is higher than in India. Lung damage can often be treated with medications or with the help of many breathing devices, but if all these options do not help or your lung function becomes life-threatening, then there will be a need for a transplant from the best doctor. Dr Arvind is among the top doctors in India who has been performing lung surgery since 1988.

Types of lung transplant

Lung transplants could be performed on a single lung, on both lungs or the lobe of each of both lungs. In a few cases, a lung transplant is combined with a heart and is known as a heart-lung transplant. There are three main types of lung transplants:

Single lung transplant

It is a lung transplant in which a single damaged lung is removed from the patient and replaced with a healthy lung from a donor. This type of transplant is often used to treat pulmonary fibrosis. People with this condition must visit India to book an appointment with Dr Arvind to get treated.

Double lung transplant

It is a lung transplant in which both lungs are removed and replaced with two healthy donated lungs. It is a primary treatment, especially for those suffering from COPD or cystic fibrosis.

Heart-lung transplant

It is the third type of transplant in which the heart and lungs are removed with a healthy donated heart and lungs. This is recommended for those who are suffering from severe pulmonary hypertension.

The lung transfer Procedure

The lung transfer procedure involves three main components :

  1. A lung transfer requires a recipient at the end stage of lung disease, for which no medical procedure will work and has a limited chance of survival.
  2. The second component is a donor from whom healthy lungs will be taken and who could be Cadaveric.
  3. An accredited lung transplant centre to carry out the transplant.

The lung transfer procedure will be done with general anaesthesia so the patient will not feel any pain. Recipients will have a tube guided through the mouth and into the windpipe so that they can breathe. The surgeon will then cut the chest to remove the damaged lung, and the main airway to that lung and blood vessels amid the heart is then linked with the donors lung. In some cases, transplant patients may also be connected to a heart-lung bypass machine to circulate blood during the process.

People seeking the best lung transplant doctor in Nepal must visit India to get it done. There are many best doctors in India, like DR. Arvind, who has worked as a lung specialist and gained proficient skills and knowledge in the field.

Success Rate and cost of lung transplant in India

The lung transplant cost in India varies as per the type of lung transplant; test diagnosis procedures, postoperative follow-up procedures, recovery, rehabilitation and the surgeon. Lung transplant cost in Nepal is much more than in India, and thus people should visit India and book an appointment with Dr Arvind, one of the best and most renowned lung transfer surgeons in New Delhi. The surgery can be performed on almost all age groups, i.e. from newborns to adults up to 65 years of age. The lung transplant cost in India is quite less compared to other countries, including the cost of a lung transplant in Nepal. However, there are many factors that affect the cost of lung transplants in India :

  • Patients overall condition
  • Hospital infrastructure
  • Recovery process
  • Surgeon fees

India is the best country to treat many medical conditions owing to the reduced treatment costs, availability of the latest medical technologies, qualitative health care that meets international standards and highly trained professionals. About 85 percent of patients who underwent lung transplant surgery in India are completely satisfied with their transplanted lungs. People worried about lung transplant costs in Nepal must visit India to consult the best surgeon, Dr. Arvind, in New Delhi.

Why Is Dr Arvind Best for a Lung Transplant in India?

Prof. Dr Arvind is one of the best lung transplant surgeons and pioneered the development of Chest & Robotic chest surgery in India. Lung cancer, Thymoma and tracheal Surgery are his niche areas, and he has the largest experience in the Robotic removal of giant thymomas. He is a Chairman at the Institute of Chest Surgery, Chest Onco Surgery and Lung Transplantation Co-Chairman at Medanta Robotic Institute Medanta Hospital Gurgaon.