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Robotic and Thoracic Surgeon Dr Arvind Kumar

Prof. (Dr.) Arvind Kumar


Chairman, Institute of Chest Surgery,
Chest Onco-Surgery and Lung Transplantation
Co-Chairman, Medanta Robotic Institute
Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon

Former: Chairman, Centre for Chest Surgery &

Director, Institute of Robotic Surgery

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

Former: Professor of Surgery and

Chief, Chest and Robotic Unit

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi

Founder & Managing Trustee

Lung Care Foundation

Awarded the prestigious DR. B. C. Roy National Award

Honored to receive the prestigious "Dr. B.C.Roy Award" for "Eminent Medical Person" from His Excellency The President of India.

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  • Prof. (Dr). Arvind Kumar honoured with "Fakhr-e-Hind" (Pride of Nation) award in an International event "Jashn-e-Bharat" organised by Indian Heritage and Health Care Centre and Husanara Trust on 27th January 2019 at India International Centre, Delhi.
    This Event was organised to celebrate the spirit of being republic and to promote National Integration, Communal Harmony, Peace and Swachh Bharat Movement in our Country.
  • Elected as President - 2019 for The Association of Surgeons of India. The Association of Surgeons of India was established in 1938 for the purpose of sharing experiences and enhancing surgical skills among the Indian Surgeons. ASI has a strong membership base counting 20,000 + membership and is increasing.
  • Dr. Arvind Kumar is the first surgeon to start Robotic Chest Surgery in India - at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi in June 2008. He has embodied a benchmark in the history of Medical Sciences by delivering 36 years of ordained service to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.
  • He was the first Thoracic Surgeon in the country to start Robotic program at AIIMS in 2008. For this, he underwent Robotic Surgery training in Italy and performed India's first Robotic Thymectomy Surgery in June 2008 at AIIMS.
  • Since early 90s, Dr. (Prof.) Arvind Kumar had chosen General Thoracic Surgery as his area of special interest and started doing open thoracic surgery regularly for lung as well as esophageal diseases.
  • Dr. (Prof.) Arvind Kumar belongs to the group of leading Robotic and Thoracic Surgeon all over the world. He has been contributing to the field of medical sciences for almost 30 years.
  • Dr. (Prof.) Arvind Kumar is presently the Chairman, Institute of Chest Surgery, Chest Onco-Surgery & Lung Transplantation and Chairman, Medanta Robotic Institute, Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon.
  • He continued at AIIMS as post-graduate student in Surgery and completed Masters in Surgery in 1984. Due to his excellent performance, he was immediately appointed as Senior Resident in the Department which he completed with flying colours in 1988.
  • The journey of becoming a faculty in 1988 and the Professor of Surgery in 2003 and beyond at AIIMS has been full of Professional upliftment, pride and satisfaction.
  • He joined MBBS at AIIMS, New Delhi in 1976, and completed it with the coveted best undergraduate of the year (Department of Community Medicine) award in 1980.
  • He became the man who introduced Thoracoscopic Surgery at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in mid 90's. Over the decade, his forte has made him experience more than 650-700 cases per year including all kinds of basic and advanced Thoracoscopic procedures.


Who is a Thoracic Surgeon?

Thoracic (Chest) surgeons are surgeons of the thoracic i.e. the chest cavity. Thoracic surgeons perform all surgeries that involve the chest, its structures and the various organs like Lungs, Trachea & Bronchus, Pleura, Mediastinum, Esophagus, Chest wall, and Diaphragm and area of the chest cavity.

What Does a Thoracic Surgeon Do?

A thoracic surgeon is responsible for all therapeutic or diagnostic procedures or surgeries that are performed on the organs of the thoracic (chest) cavity. These organs include:
Pleura (lung membranes)
Trachea or windpipe
The mediastinum, which is the space that separates both the lungs and is the position of the heart.
Esophagus or food pipe
Chest wall
Diaphragm or the dome-shaped muscle that is responsible for respiration in the human body.
They are responsible for all processes of your surgery, from pre-op care to post-op follow-ups. In addition, they will prescribe all the medications and more to their patients.

What diseases and conditions does a thoracic surgeon treat?

Thoracic surgeons are responsible for the treatment of various medical conditions, such as:
Lungs (Cancers & Carcinoid Tumors / Bronchiectasis / Aspergilloma / Hydatid Cysts / Nodules / Bullae & Blebs or Pneumothorax / Injuries.
Pleura (Effusion / Empyema / Clotted Hemothorax / Chylothorax/ Mesothelioma).
Trachea & Bronchus (Injury / Stenosis / Carcinoid and other tumors).
Esophagus (Acid or Alkali Strictures / Cancer / Leiomyoma / Tracheo Esophageal Fistula in the neck or chest).
Chest Wall (Injury or rib fracture / Tumors).
Mediastinum (Thymus Diseases including Myasthenia Gravis, Thymoma / Posterior Mediastinal Tumor / Dermoid and other Cysts).
Diaphragm (Hernia / Eventration).
Hyperhydrosis (Surgery for Sweaty Palms) and Trauma (all cases of minor or major chest trauma from rib fractures to major injuries).

When should you see a thoracic surgeon?

Most people are referred to a thoracic surgeon when their general physician or general surgeon finds a disease that has to be treated with thoracic surgery. This could involve any of the conditions mentioned above and more. For such diseases, prompt and timely thoracic surgery is the best way to prevent any severe complications.
They are also consulted if the patient has had a chest injury. Symptoms like chest pain, especially one moving to the left arm and shoulder, shortness of breath, cough that doesn’t go away, hemoptysis, pain in the chest, palpitations, dizziness, or fainting, are also consulted with a thoracic surgeon.

What to Expect at the Thoracic Surgeon?

When you are referred to a thoracic surgeon, he will begin by taking your detailed medical history and reviewing all your medical reports. He will also conduct a physical examination on you, checking your respiratory and heart sounds, among other things.
You might have to undergo some diagnostic tests like chest X-Ray, CT scans, PET Scans, CT guided Biopsies, Bronchoscopy etc., apart from all these investigations. He will also explain to you your condition in detail. All the risks, benefits, and the complete procedure of the surgery will be explained to you and you can also ask your surgeon about any apprehensions or doubts you might have.

Who is the Best Thoracic Surgeon in India?

Dr. Arvind Kumar is the best thoracic surgeon in India. He has completed his studies at the most prestigious institution i.e. All India Medical Institute of Medical Sciences AIIMS, New Delhi. He has also done several fellowships from renowned institutes all over the world. He has more than 40 years of experience of performing major and complex thoracic surgery cases via Open, VATS as well as Robotic assistance.

Where to find an experienced Thoracic Surgeon in Gurgaon?

Dr. Arvind Kumar, the best thoracic surgeon in India, is the Chairman, Institute of Chest Surgery, Chest Onco-Surgery, and Lung Transplantation and the co-chairman of the Medanta Robotic Institute at the Medanta hospital, Gurgaon. He has more than 40 years of experience of performing major and complex thoracic surgery cases via Open, VATS as well as Robotic assistance.



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