Tracheal Tumors Treatment or Tracheal Cancer Surgery in Delhi NCR

Tumors that arise in the trachea (called primary tracheal tumors) and bronchi are very rare.

Diagnosis & Symptoms of Tracheal Tumor

Patients complain of cough, blood in cough, difficulty in breathing or wheezing. These tumors are often misdiagnosed as Asthma and treated accordingly, delaying the diagnosis.

  Tracheal Tumors

CT Scan Showing Tumour

Tracheal Tumors after Surgery

Operative picture of the tumour. Patient did well after the surgery.

Tracheal Tumors

Tracheal Tumor Has Been Our Special Area Of Expertise For Over a Decade And We Have Performed All Kind of Resections For This Disease.

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Treatment option or Surgery for Tracheal Tumor

"Complete removal of tumor with its base" (part of wind pipe wall from where the tumor had arisen) can cure these patients. This "complex surgery" has been our special area of expertise for over a decade and we have performed all kind of resections for this disease.

Bronchial and Lung Carcinoid

Bronchial Carcinoid represents one to five per cent of all lung tumours. Patients present with cough, blood in sputum and breathlessness. The diagnosis is confirmed by CT Scans or DOTATOC PET Scan. Our team has one of the largest experiences in treating these patients which has been reported in over 10 papers in International Journals

  Bronchial Carcinoid Tumour

CT Scan Showing Carcinoid Tumour

Removed Tumour After Surgery

Removed Tumour. Patient did well after the surgery.

Wind Pipe Injury Treatment

Wind pipe can be injured in accidents. This leads to collapse of that side of lung. This requires a complex operation to rejoin the wind pipe. Our unit has been performing these complex operations routinely for over a decade with excellent outcome.

  Tracheal Stenosis Surgery

CT Scan Showing Trachea and Windpipe Injury.

Tracheal Stenosis Treatment

Operative picture of the tumour. Patient did well after the surgery.

Patient Information Series Tracheal Tumors

What is Tracheal Tumour and its Symptoms?

Diagnosis Tracheal Tumour

How to Diagnosis Tracheal Tumour?

Best Treatment of Tracheal Tumour

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