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Lung Transplant In Mumbai | Dr. Arvind Kumar: A Pioneer In Chest Surgery

A lung transplant is a life-saving process. If your lungs are not functioning optimally, it directly affects your quality of life. And while there are medications, therapies, and treatments to deal with all minor and major illnesses of the lungs, sometimes, they are of no help. This is where a lung transplant comes in.

This is a major surgery involving the removal of your diseased lungs and replacing them with healthy ones. Most often, the donor is a deceased individual who had previously donated or whose family has decided to donate their lungs.

After a lung transplant, you must live with the utmost care, attention, and precautions for your whole life. Having a professional expert to guide you throughout the preparations, surgery, and after-care makes this process a little easier.

Dr. Arvind Kumar and his team provide comprehensive lung transplant services to patients from Mumbai. Assisted by the latest technology and techniques, they ensure you get the best quality treatment and supervision while feeling comfortable and assured.

Read on to learn about the types, procedures, and cost of lung transplant in Mumbai.

Who Needs A Lung Transplant?

While transplant surgery is lifesaving, it comes with multiple risks and a lifetime of precautions. Hence, a lung transplant is always the last treatment option.

A doctor prescribes a lung transplant when medications, therapies, breathing assistance, and other treatments do not show positive results. In such cases, the lungs are often severely diseased or damaged and unable to meet the body’s oxygen requirements. Replacing these lungs with healthy ones is the best remedy for this situation.

A chronic pulmonary infection, inflammation, or physical trauma can cause this kind of damage to your lungs. Additionally, the following illnesses can also cause irreversible damage:

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) (diseases that block the airways)
  • Cystic fibrosis (accumulation of thick and sticky mucus in the lungs)
  • Pulmonary fibrosis (scarring of the lungs)
  • Pulmonary hypertension (high blood pressure in the lungs)

What Are The Types Of Lung Transplants?

Based on the portions and number of lungs to be replaced, a lung transplant procedure is categorized into four types that are explained below.

  • Single Lung Transplant: This surgery is performed when only one of your lungs is damaged. The surgeon replaces it with the donor’s lung and leaves your healthy lung as it is.
  • Double Lung Transplant: It is also called a bilateral or sequential lung transplant. In this procedure, both of your lungs are replaced with healthy donor lungs.
  • Lung Lobe Transplant: Your lungs consist of lobes. While the left one has two, the right one has three lobes. If only a part of your lung is damaged, your surgeon might perform this procedure to replace the damaged lobe with a healthy one.
  • Compound Lung Transplant: In this surgery, a lung transplant is combined with a heart transplant. This surgery is usually needed in cases of physical trauma or pulmonary hypertension.

Lung transplants in India started with a single lung transplant. However, double lung transplants are the more popular and frequently performed type today. Among other reasons, this is also because the candidates for a double lung transplant show a better response to the treatment in the long run.

What Does A Lung Transplant Involve?

Lung transplant is a lengthy process, and its preparations begin way before the actual surgery. Below is a detailed account of what it involves.

Before The Surgery

  • Your doctor would perform a thorough diagnosis, including blood tests, imaging tests like CT scans, pulmonary function tests, and lung biopsy; female candidates might have to undergo a gynecological evaluation and mammography.
  • This diagnosis helps the doctors determine whether or not you are fit enough for the surgery and keep records to find a suitable donor.
  • Your name is registered in the list of waiting-for recipients, and you will be notified once a suitable donor is available.
  • The donor’s lung is diagnosed for proper health, and its size is compared to the size of your chest cavity.

For The Surgery

  • Once the donor’s lungs are obtained, the medical team flushes them with special fluids and transports them to the center where the transplant is to be done while preserving them at a low temperature.
  • The doctor checks up on your vitals right before the surgery and administers anesthesia.
  • The surgeon might put you on ventilator life support during the transplant.
  • After the lung transplant procedure, the doctors shift you to the ICU and keep you under constant observation until you have recovered enough to go home.

Life After The Surgery

  • Take proper precautions and medications as prescribed by your doctor and pay regular follow-up visits during the recovery period.
  • Limit your junk food intake and follow a healthy diet.
  • Practice endurance and cardiovascular exercises; if you’re new, begin with short walks and jogging.
  • Take the prescribed immunosuppressants regularly; not doing so could lead to transplant rejection by your immune system.
  • Follow a hygienic lifestyle and keep your surroundings clean.

What Is The Lung Transplant Cost In Mumbai?

There is no determined price for a lung transplant in Mumbai. The expenses vary from clinic to clinic. Roughly, the overall lung transplant cost in Mumbai depends on the following factors:

  • Type of lung transplant to be done
  • The hospital or clinic providing the service
  • The expertise of the surgeon performing the surgery
  • The medications and other resources required during recovery
  • Expense coverage by your insurance team

Dr. Arvind offers comprehensive and cost-effective lung transplant surgery to patients from Mumbai. He and his team provide constant assistance and consultation and ensure that you are well-informed and comfortable throughout the procedure.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Arvind Kumar is a pioneer in the field of chest surgery with hands-on experience over 40 years. He has been presented with Dr. B. C. Roy National Award for his expertise and eminent contributions to the medical field.

Assisted by a team of experienced professionals, Dr. Arvind Kumar provides a highly comprehensive lung transplant treatment with high success rates.

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