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Prof. (Dr.) Arvind Kumar

Best Chest Surgery in India | Best Chest Surgeon in Delhi & Gurgaon

Pioneer in Chest and Robotic Surgery in India

Dr Arvind Kumar pioneered the development of Chest and Robotic Chest Surgery in India. Starting from his early days in AIIMS, New Delhi in late 1980’s, he has worked tirelessly to develop this specialty and got ‘Thoracic Surgery’ recognized by National Board as a stand-alone Super-Specialty in 2014.
Lung Cancer, Thymoma & Tracheal Surgery are his niche areas.

First Robotic Esophagectomy

First Robotic Esophagectomy in North India for esophageal(food-pipe) cancer at SGRH, New Delhi in May, 2012

First Robotic Thyroidectomy

First Robotic Thyroidectomy i.e. scarlesss surgery for the removal of Thyroid gland, in North India for Goiter at SGRH, New Delhi in May, 2013

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