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Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2022: Be A Part Of The Cause

Cancer is the second leading cause of annual deaths around the globe. And yet, a large part of the population is unaware of the telltale symptoms and the screening and treatment guidelines for different forms of this disease. To address this issue, every month of the year is dedicated to spreading awareness toward select forms of cancer. And November is marked as Lung Cancer Awareness Month all around the world.

As per the statistics, every one out of six deaths in the world is caused by cancer. And while lung cancer is the second most common form after breast cancer, it causes the largest number of deaths. In fact, it accounts for more deaths than colorectal, breast, and pancreatic cancers combined, which are the second, third, and fourth most deadly forms of the disease.

So, as you step into November, Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2022, vow to make yourself and your loved ones more informed about and aware of this deadly disease.

This article discusses how you can be a part of this greater cause and why you should be. Scroll on for some vital Lung Cancer Awareness Month facts.

What Is The Significance Of The World Lung Cancer Awareness Month?

November is the month dedicated to spreading lung cancer awareness. But why is it important to do so? Why do you need to promote information about this diseases symptoms and treatment guidelines?

Before getting to that, have a look at the seriousness of lung cancer.

  • Despite being the second most common form of cancer, it is rarely diagnosed during the early stages
  • The late diagnosis is mainly because the early symptoms are often misinterpreted as that of a cold, cough, or an acute lung infection
  • By the time severe symptoms that cannot be ignored begin to show up, the cancer is already in the advanced stages
  • There is little awareness about the correct screening and treatment guidelines for lung cancer; this keeps the patients from getting the optimal results from any treatment

These points mentioned above highlight the importance of widespread knowledge of this disease among the common people. The figures on the annual number of deaths by lung cancer are ever-rising. And to get a hold of that, people need to know when to seek medical help and how to go through with the right treatment procedure and care.

National Lung Cancer Awareness Month aims to bring this notion to fruition. Below is mentioned how it does so.

  • It encourages people to share information about lung cancer with their friends and close ones.
  • It promotes early detection and diagnosis of lung cancer.
  • It highlights the possible hazards of smoking and air pollution.
  • It accounts for the month wherein the maximum number of awareness campaigns are held physically and virtually.
  • It educates people about the correct guidelines for screenings and treatment procedures.
  • It encourages more research and development in the field of screening and treatment of the disease.
  • It is an officially recognized worldwide movement that brings together all the countries for a greater cause.

How Did The World Lung Cancer Awareness Month Come To Be?

The year 1995 marked the beginning of November Lung Cancer Awareness Month. But this was preceded by centuries of knowledge, research, and studies on lung cancer.

The points below mark the timeline of how we progressed in our knowledge of this disease and the world as a whole.

  • The earliest records of cancer can be traced back to 3000 B.C. in Egypt.
  • Back then, there were divided opinions about the illness; some cultures saw it from a religious point of view, while others believed in a more scientific concept.
  • The ancient Greek records associate cancer with black bile, which was an unobjected causative agent of cancer for over a century.
  • Lung cancer was distinctly identified as a disease during the 16th century.
  • During the early 19th century, researchers discovered various characterizing features of the disease.
  • Up until the early 20th century, lung cancer was a rare incidence; it was observed only in regular smokers and people who were more exposed to air pollution, like miners
  • The number of cases of lung cancer gradually started rising during the early 20th century.
  • Around the 1930s, researchers found a connection between smoking and the increased use of tobacco, and the rising cases of lung cancer.
  • In 1995, November was officially announced as International Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

How Can You Be A Part Of It?

This Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2022, Dr. Arvind Kumar and his cancer care team at Medanta invite you to step ahead and actively participate in this worldwide campaign.

The paragraphs below discuss how you can play your part in this movement.

Become Aware

The November Lung Cancer Awareness Month witnesses a large number of awareness campaigns held physically and virtually. Attend such events and encourage your close ones to do so too.

Many websites and medical institutions inform you about the latest research studies, advancements in treatment methods, and more such updates during the month. Join or subscribe to such groups and make a habit of regularly reading the updates.

Make Aware

As you gain more knowledge about the disease, you can also share it with others. Post some of the details youve learned on your social media accounts. Bring up the topic during your conversations with friends and family. Tell them about the basics youve learned and encourage them to look for more details.

Make Donations

You can make some donations to government-approved lung cancer research programs or lung cancer treatment programs. These donations need not be a huge sum, but rather only what you are capable of.

Every small contribution helps in more thorough and vast research and advancements in the diagnostic and treatment processes of the disease.

The Bottom Line

International and National Lung Cancer Awareness Month is a campaign this world needs today. Promoting early diagnosis and knowledge is of immense importance to control the alarmingly increasing number of lung diagnoses and deaths caused by it.

During this Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2022, Dr. Arvind Kumar and his team vow their dedication to providing the most efficient, empathic, and all-encompassing treatment for lung cancer.

In case you suspect any symptoms, come ahead and get a checkup. Even if the symptoms werent because of cancer, it would address any other pulmonary infection or illness you might have that could, in the future, become a threat.

Dr. Arvind is a pioneer in chest surgeries and treatment. His cancer care team encompasses a multidisciplinary team of highly proficient and experienced oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, and professionals from other fields.

Dr. Arvind Kumar and his team at Medanta, Gurgaon, provide the only comprehensive A to Z treatment plan for lung cancer in India.


Cancer awareness months are represented by ribbons, with each type of cancer denoted by a different color. The ribbon color for lung cancer is pearl white or clear white.
Medical organizations and instructions spread lung cancer awareness through physical and virtual campaigns. You can promote the cause on your social media platforms and during conversations with your family and friends.
If diagnosed during the early stages, yes. However, as the severity of the disease progresses and the chances of complete recovery decline. This is the reason special emphasis is put on the early detection of this disease.
The major cause of lung cancer is smoking. So the best way to prevent it is to quit smoking. If your close ones smoke, educate them about its dire consequences and encourage them to give it up. Also, wear a mask when going out in areas with high levels of air pollution.

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