Trainings, Fellowships - Robotic Surgery and Lung Transplant India
Trainings & Fellowships

  • Lung Transplant Fellow: Chest Service, University of Florida, Gainesville (USA), 1995.
  • ICRETT (Cancer) Fellow: Chest Service, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York (USA), 1997.
  • WHO Fellow: Chest Service, University of St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 1999.
  • WHO Fellow: Chest Service, St. Peter's Hospital, New Jersey, USA, 1999.
  • WHO Fellow: Chest Trauma Unit, Liverpool Hospital, Sydney (Australia), 2006.
  • Robotic Surgery Training: International School of Robotic Surgery, Grosseto- Italy, 2007.
  • Robotic Chest Surgery Training: European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Bern, Switzerland, 2008.
  • Robotic Surgery Training: I.R.C.A.D., Strasbourg, France, 2012.
  • Robotic Vascular Surgery Training: Na- Homolce Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic, 2012.
  • Robotic Thyroid Surgery Training: YONSEI University Health System, Seoul, Korea, 2012.

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