Symptoms and Signs of Lung Cancer


Symptoms of lung cancer are varied depending upon where and how widespread the tumor is. Warning signs of lung cancer are not always present or easy to identify. A person with lung cancer may have the following kinds of symptoms:

  • No symptoms: In up to 25% of people who get lung cancer, the cancer is first discovered on a routine chest X-ray orCT scan
  • Symptoms related to the cancer: The growth of the cancer and invasion of lung tissues and surrounding tissue may interfere with breathing, leading to symptoms such as
    • Cough,
    • Shortness of breath,
    • Wheezing,
    • Chest pain, and
    • Coughing up blood (hemoptysis).
    • Shoulder pain that travels down the outside of the arm
    • Hoarseness.
    • Recurrent Chest Infections
  • Symptoms related to metastasis: Lung cancer that has spread to the bones may produce excruciating pain at the sites of bone involvement. Cancer that has spread to the brain may cause a number of neurologic symptoms that may include blurred vision, headaches, seizures, or symptoms of stroke such as weakness or loss of sensation in parts of the body.
  • Paraneoplastic symptoms: Lung cancers frequently are accompanied by symptoms that result from production by the tumour cells of chemicals in the body which are hormone-like substances. These paraneoplastic syndromes occur most commonly with SCLC but may be seen with any tumor type.
  • Nonspecific symptoms: Nonspecific symptoms seen with many cancers, including lung cancers, include weight loss, weakness, andfatigue. Psychological symptoms such as depression and mood changes are also common.

Lung Cancer Surgery and Treatment Program

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When should one consult a doctor?

One should consult a health-care provider if he or she develops the symptoms associated with lung cancer, in particular, if they have

  • a new persistent cough or worsening of an existing chronic cough
  • blood in the sputum,
  • persistent bronchitis or repeated respiratory infections
  • chest pain,
  • unexplained weight loss and/or fatigue,
  • breathing difficulties such as shortness of breath or wheezing.



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The lungs are two large organs made of spongy tissue, which lie inside the chest under the rib cage. When we breathe in, the lungs absorb oxygen and deliver it to the bloodstream.


In most people, lung cancer is related to cigarette smoking. Smoking causes nearly 9 out of 10 cases (86%). A further 3% of cases of lung cancer are caused by exposure to second hand


In most people, lung cancer is related to cigarette smoking. Smoking causes nearly 9 out of 10 cases (86%). A further 3% of cases of lung cancer are caused by exposure to second hand


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We aim to provide innovative lung cancer treatments with latest technologies-all under one roof. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, including advanced imaging and laboratory tests


A number of factors are looked at that help decide the most tailor made approach to your treatment. These include


NHS guidelines state that everyone diagnosed with lung cancer should be under the care of a multi disciplinary team (MDT). This is a team of health professionals who work together

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