Our Cancer Program Headed by Dr. (Prof.) Arvind Kumar


The incidence of Cancers of the Chest (Lung Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Thymoma, Carcinoid Tumours, Posterior Mediastinal Tumours & Trachea Tumours) is rising rapidly in India.

Lung cancer is already No. 1 Cancer in males in India and is increasing rapidly in females. While some cases present early, many present late with complex issues.

The "Chest Cancer team" at Institute of Chest Surgery, Chest Onco-Surgery and Lung Transplantation Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon, headed by Prof. Arvind Kumar, has over 20 year's experience in treating both early stage and complex Chest Cancers. The team utilizes state-of the-art diagnostic tests to quickly assess your cancer and provides cutting edge surgical treatment for Lung Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Thymoma, Carcinoid Tumours, Posterior Mediastinal Tumours & Trachea Tumours . We are equipped & trained to offer Open, Key-hole (VATS) as well as Robotic approach for the removal of Cancers depending on the stage of the disease.


Lung Cancer



Esophageal Cancer


Offering the only comprehensive Lung Cancer Treatment Program in the country providing A-Z of Lung Cancer management all under one roof.


Dr. Arvind, having performed over 400 Thymectomy by Robotic method, has the country's largest experience in performing Robotic Thymectomy.


Our team have taken the minimally invasive esophagectomy to the next level by offering world class esophagectomy.






Posterior Mediastinal

Trachea Tumour




The surgery for posterior mediastinal tumour can be done best by VATS/Robotic method which has been our speciality for over a decade.


This "complex surgery" has been our special area of expertise for over a decade and we have performed all kind of resections for this disease.








Our Team strives to help cancer patients not only be offering the State of the art treatment but also help them face the challenges of living with cancer. We not only provide accurate information and individualized evidence based treatment to fight the cancer but also provide physical, emotional as well as mental support. Whether you are dealing with a new diagnosis or are looking for additional information or support, Centre for Chest Surgery can both guide and stand behind you in your fight against cancer. We believe in finding the best possible solutions for all your problems as a human being who is not just a cancer patient but also a father, husband, sole bread earner and a respectable member of the society. We don't just treat cancer, we treat the person suffering from cancer using a unique combination of skills keeping in mind your priorities in life.



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