Dr. (Prof.) Arvind Kumar Speaks at Broncocon 2015


Dr. (Prof.) Arvind KumarBroncocon, 2015: The 20th Annual National Conference of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology was organised by Department of Respiratory Medicine, RNT Medical College, Udaipur under the auspices of Indian Association For Bronchology, India.

In the two day conference Dr. (Prof) Arvind Kumar - Pioneer of Thoracoscopy (VATS) in India, having started it at AIIMS, New Delhi in 1995 talked in detail on "Thoracoscopy/VATS: An Overview"

He emphasised that Tharacoscopy/VATS (Key-Hole Surgery) is one of the lesser known fields among the mass hence requirement for awareness is an essential and huge task. Apart from sharing his 20 years experience with 400 odd fellow pulmonologists he extensively answered queries on - The history of VATS (key-Hole) Surgery and then the introduction of VATS (Key-hole) surgery covering various aspects like:

  • When to do Thoracoscopy, When NOT to do?
  • What Work up needs to be done for a patient undergoing Key-Hole Surgery?
  • Explaining the Anesthesia for VATS (Type, technique)
  • Where to do : The setup of the Operating Room for VATS (key-Hole Surgery)
  • Who should do & who should assist for Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery.
  • What all equipment, Instruments and Accessories being used for VATS (key-Hole) Surgery?
  • Complications: How to avoid, How to manage? etc.

Being such a senior surgeon he went on emphasising " A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE" - doctors are always there to assist but we should learn to take our lives seriously.

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